Lecture Preparation Instructions

  1. 10 minutes are allocated for the lecture and discussion — so count on 7 minutes of lecture and three minutes of discussion. Since the rule of 1 slide » 1 minute of lecture applies, do not prepare more than 10–11 slides. After 7 minutes, a sound signal will go off, and after the next minute your lecture will be interrupted by the presiding academic.
  2. Bring your prepared presentation (PowerPoint format for Windows) on a USB flash drive.
  3. Copy your presentation to a computer in the lecture room before the program starts (10:00–10:20) or during lunch break or poster section.
  4. Prepare your presentation taking into account that you will be speaking to an audience composed primarily of undergraduate students of our faculty. Keep in mind that, unlike the standard professional conferences, listeners are often not familiar with even the basics of the issue.
Last update: 9. 10. 2023 / Mgr. Petr Andreas, Ph.D.